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About the Rabbi:

Rabbi Eliezer Langer
Rabbi, Congregation Tiferet Israel, Austin, Texas



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Rabbi Eliezer Langer has been rabbi of Congregation Tiferet Israel of Austin, Texas, for two years.

Having made aliyah 12 years ago, he served for ten years as Assistant Dean of Midreshet Moriah in Yerushalayim, a Zionist, high-level learning program for post-high school women.

After having been privileged to live in Jerusalem for 10 years, his son-in-law opened a kollel in Austin, Texas. Rabbi and Lucy Langer came to a small fledgling congregation to help spur the religious growth and revival of a community that had not had a rabbi for five years. Baruch HaShem, this Orthodox kehilla is now on the national scene and making in impact in central Texas.

Rabbi Langer is the first Orthodox rabbi to sit on the board of The Jewish Community Association of Austin, and he teaches at the University of Texas. He has also spurred the membership of his congregation to take a leadership role in communal affairs and pro-Israel activities, thereby raising awareness and appreciation for Orthodoxy and Torah living.

Prior to making aliya, Rabbi Langer, a California native, had served as rabbi of Beth Jacob Congregation in San Diego, CA, for 18 years. Rabbi Langer derives great nachas in seeing that today's leadership of the San Diego Orthodox community are the young people who grew up in the Congregation, established Torah families, and now "share the wealth" with the next generation

A musmach of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Langer learned in the YU Kollel for two years and was awarded his BA and MS there, as well.

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