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5782 One Ask, One Time

In less than two months, we will gather together as a community to welcome the New Year of 5782. This past year has challenged us all, but Congregation Tiferet Israel remains strong, and is poised to grow even stronger. CTI, under the inspired leadership of Rabbi Dan Millner, is the place for Modern Orthodoxy in Austin, and with the initiation of our strategic plan for programming and educational opportunities, there is an excellent prospect for continued growth. 

Empowering us to reach this point has been, and continues to be, the generous financial support from our community and beyond. As in previous years, more than 30% of our operating budget will be met through fundraising, which will enable CTI to function and to meet our growth in a position of strength. 

We want to thank you for your past support and to present an opportunity to continue that support in a simple and comprehensive way. Our giving program, One Ask, One Time, lets you make a one-time decision about how you want to support the various fundraising opportunities that occur throughout the calendar year. This means that you won’t be asked repeatedly to give and won’t need to make multiple giving decisions. (At least, it would have been just one time if Rosh Hashana wasn’t so early this year!) Additionally, the total amount can be given in a single payment, or broken up into several payments.

With this pledge Drive, we give every member a chance to decide upfront what fundraising activities they will support, and at what level, throughout the coming year.  If you want to take advantage of this, please complete the form below.

If you are a member of Tiferet Israel, many of the fields below will be prefilled with your information if you login first.  You can login using the Login button in the upper right corner of this page.

Enhanced Dues

Dues are solicited during the summer each year.  This year, membership dues are $2,000 for July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.  You can elect to increase your support to the Rashi Level for a total of $5,400, an additional $3,400, to the Maimondes Level for a total of $3,600, an additional $1,600, or by whatever amount you choose. Please indicate your choice below.

Rosh Hashana Fundraiser (RHF)

The RHF is held in the weeks prior to Rosh Hashana.  It is currently underway.  You can commit to being a Sponsor through the One Ask, One Time program or directly through the RHF.  If you would like to include your payment through this program, please indicate so below.  If you want to participate in the RHF but not be a sponsor, please use the RHF form that can be found by clicking here.  If you have already contributed to this year's Rosh Rashana Fundraiser, please skip this section.

Yom Kippur Kol Nidre Pledge

You can include your pledge for the Yom Kippur Appeal at this time.

CTI Directory Personal Greeting or Business Ad

CTI publishes its Directory of members and friends following the High Holidays. Solicitation for the Directory will begin in the month ahead.  You can include your commitment in supporting and sponsoring the Directory at this time.  If you do, you will be contacted at a later date for the details of your Personal Greeting or Business Ad.

Annual Fundraiser

This year we are again planning a similar fundraiser to the past year's Chai Celebration.  Details will follow.  The fundraiser will be held in the December / January timeframe.  You can make your pledge now and pay it with your other pledges.  As an incentive, if you choose to be a sponsor now, at any level, you will be entitled to two extra tickets over those listed below.
If you choose to be sponsor at this time, you will be entitled to two extra tickets over those listed above.
   ChildA Family Ticket includes tickets for up to 2 adults and 4 children for $250
An adult ticket is $136
A child's ticket is $18

Mishloach Manot

In the weeks prior to Purim we solicit support for Mishloach Manot Fundraiser.  This year Purim is on March 27, 2022.  As with the RHF, you can choose to sponsor this Fundraiser at this time and make your payment together with your other pledges.   If you would like to participate in the Mishloach Manot program but not sponsor, please do so as part of the Fundraiser in the Spring.

Yizkor Donations

You can include your intended Yizkor donations for the year in the One Ask, One Time program.

Yizkor Book

We update the booklet we use during Yizkor services each year at Shavuot and solicit updates in the four weeks before Shavuot.  Shavuot this year starts June 5, 2021.  There is no fixed amount to inscribe a loved one in the Yizkor Book but suggest $10 / name.  It's your decision.  If you choose to pledge an amount now for the CTI Book of Remembrance at this time, you will be contacted before Shavuot to verify the names you would like to inscribe in the book.

General Donation

If you are making a General Donation in addition to any of the above to CTI you can choose to include it as part of the One Ask, One Time program.


You can choose to pay in a single or monthly payment.  Please indicate your choice below.
Total amount pledged:


Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782