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December 2, 2023 VAYISHLACH Tammy Varkony & Vadim Matveyev in honor of Noa's 3rd birthday! Cake
December 9, 2023 CHANUKAH, VAYESHEV Amnon & Elaine Orent in honor of their 66th Wedding Anniversary. Married on 29 Kislev 5719 (Dec. 22, 1957) and "in honor of our parents who brought us into this world: Lotti & Hersch Orent, Mollie & Sam Steiger Cake
December 16, 2023 MIKETZ Anita Lavie in honor of her relocation to California in January.  
December 23, 2023 VAYIGASH Malka Esther Roth in honor of Birthdays of her son & grandchildren-Rabbi Reuven, ZC, Eze, Bayle, Kiva, Zalmi,Sarala (1 Year); Theo, Miles Cake
December 30, 2023 VAYECHI    
January 6, 2024 SHEMOT Jay & Carol Rubin in honor of their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  
January 14, 2024 VAERA    
January 20, 2024 BO Rick & Paz Goldberg in honor of Eric & Beth Shapiro for all their efforts on behalf of CTI, and for Beth's birthday.  
January 27, 2024 BESHALACH Sean & Meredith Clifford in honor of Eliana's Bat Mitzvah.  
February 3, 2024 YITRO    
February 10, 2024 MISHPATIM    
February 17, 2024 TERUMAH    
February 24, 2024 TETZAVEH    
March 2, 2024 KI TISA    
March 9, 2024 SHEKALIM-VAYAKHEL    
March 16, 2024 PEKUDEI    
March 23, 2024 ZACHOR - VAYIKRA    
March 30, 2024 PARAH - TZAV    
April 6, 2024 HACHODESH-SHMINI    
April 13, 2024 TAZRIA    
April 20, 2024 METZORA    
April 27, 2024 CHOL HAMOED PESACH    


Have questions? Email Beth Shapiro, Kiddush Committee Chair if you'd like to find out more about sponsoring a kiddush or would like to talk with her directly about something special.




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Sat, December 2 2023 19 Kislev 5784