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May 27, 2023 SHAVUOT Gabriel and Emily Yaffe in Honor of Yoshiyahu, Emily and Gabriel's birthdays.  Cake
June 3, 2023 NASSO Matthew & Rebekah Ross in Honor of Miriam's 4th Birthday Cake
June 10, 2023 BEHA'ALOTCHA Matt Ronen & Amanda Bresler in honor of angel baby Dalia Cake
June 17, 2023 SH'LACH Yoni & Kimberly Pack-Cosme in honor of the birth of their daughter, Laila Zohara  
June 24, 2023 KORACH    
July 1, 2023 CHUKAT-BALAK David & Rita Chapin in loving memory of David's father, N. Jerome Chapin on his Yahrzeit.  
July 8, 2023 PINCHAS    
July 15, 2023 MATOT-MASEI Eric & Beth Shapiro in loving memory of Eric's parents, Sandra Lee Fichtner Shapiro, z"l, and A. Albert Shapiro, z"l, on the upcoming anniversaries of both their Yahrzheits.  
July 22, 2023 DEVARIM    
July 29, 2023 VAETCHANAN    
August 5, 2023 EKEV    
August 12, 2023 RE'EH    
August 19, 2023 SHOFTIM    
August 26, 2023 KI TEITZEI    
September 2, 2023 KI TAVO    
September 9, 2023 NITZAVIM-VAYELLECH    
September 16, 2023 ROSH HASHANAH    
September 23, 2023 HA'AZINU    
September 30, 2023 SUKKOT    


Have questions? Email Beth Shapiro, Kiddush Committee Chair if you'd like to find out more about sponsoring a kiddush or would like to talk with her directly about something special.




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Thu, June 1 2023 12 Sivan 5783