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November 19, 2022 CHAYEI SARAH CTI in honor of Henna Tatham and in memory of Bob Tatham  
November 26, 2022 TOLDOS Eric & Beth Shapiro in honor of Ariella and Harel Rush's first anniversary, the anniversary of Eric's bar mitzvah, and the upcoming Yahrzeit of Eric's grandfather, Nathan Fichtner.  
December 3, 2022 VAYETZEI Efraim & Sigal Klein in Honor of Etai's Bar Mitzvah in Israel  
December 10, 2022 VAYISHLACH Gary & Karin Gerstenhaber in honor of the Board and all the folks who are in charge of committees.   
December 17, 2022 VAYESHEV    
December 24, 2022 MIKETZ Jan & Vicky Gould in honor of Rabbi Millner, The Gabbaim and Baaleh Kriah who beautifully lead our services each week.  
December 31, 2022 VAYIGASH    
January 7, 2023 VAYECHI    
January 14, 2023 SHEMOT Arthur & Barb Altman  
January 21, 2023 VAERA    
January 28, 2023 BO    
February 4, 2023 BESHALACH    
February 11, 2023 YITRO Jay & Carol Rubin in Honor of Carol's Special Birthday.  
February 18, 2023 MISHPATIM    
February 25, 2023 TERUMAH    
March 4, 2023 TETZAVEH    
March 11, 2023 KI TISA    
March 18, 2023 VAYAKHEL-PEKUDEI    
March 25, 2023 VAYIKRA    


Have questions? Email Beth Shapiro, Kiddush Committee Chair if you'd like to find out more about sponsoring a kiddush or would like to talk with her directly about something special.




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Wed, November 30 2022 6 Kislev 5783