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Effective with all kiddushes booked after the beginning of Passover (April 22nd), the new prices will be:
$250 for a standard Kiddush
$50 more for a cake added to Kiddush
For all Kiddushes booked and paid for prior to the beginning of Passover, the current prices will remain the same. Additionally, the Kiddush calendar is opened up for the remainder of 2024 so that you can book as far in advance as you would like this year and still pay the lower prices. 


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April 20, 2024 METZORA    
April 27, 2024 CHOL HAMOED PESACH Eric & Beth Shapiro in honor of the 35th anniversary of the day they met.  
May 4, 2024 ACHREI MOT Arthur & Barb Altman in honor of Arthur's birthday. Cake
May 11, 2024 KEDOSHIM Sam Glassman & Beth Steinberg In loving memory of the Yahrzeit of Beth's mother, Eve Kurtin Steinberg (zl)  
May 18, 2024 EMOR    
May 25, 2024 BEHAR    
June 1, 2024 BECHUKOTAI    
June 8, 2024 BAMIDBAR    
June 15, 2024 NASSO    
June 22, 2024 BEHA'ALOTCHA    
June 29, 2024 SH'LACH    
July 6, 2024 KORACH Mark Kamen in loving memory of his mother Estelle Kamen (Esther bat Menachem haLevi), zl  
July 13, 2024 CHUKAT Louis Stone in loving memory of his mother Sharon Stone, zl  
July 20, 2024 BALAK Iris Varkony In honor of Talia‚Äôs Birthday Cake
July 27, 2024 PINCHAS Sean & Meredith Clifford in celebration of Levi Clifford's 8th birthday. Cake
August 3, 2024 MATOT-MASEI Eric & Beth Shapiro in loving memory of the Yahrzeits of Eric's parents, Al (zl) and Sandy (zl) Shapiro and Eric & Beth's upcoming 33rd Anniversary.  
August 10, 2024 DEVARIM    
August 17, 2024 VAETCHANAN    
August 24, 2024 EIKEV    
August 31, 2024 RE'EH    
September 7, 2024 SHOFTIM Lowell & Jeanette Brickman in honor of the wedding of their daughter Keren to her fiance, David Lev Ari. Cake
September 14, 2024 KI TEITZEI    
September 21, 2024 KI TAVO    
September 28, 2024 NITZAVIM-VAYEILECH    
October 5, 2024 HA'AZINU    
October 12, 2024 YIZKOR - YOM KIPPUR NO KIDDUSH - Sponsor is for the break fast.  
October 19, 2024 CHOL HAMOED SUKKOT Myles Shaftel in loving memory of his wife Marta Shaftel (zl) and her mother, Sara Slomovic (zl) on their Yahrzeits Cake
October 26, 2024 BERESHIT    
November 2, 2024 NOACH    
November 9, 2024 LECH LECHA Steve Swernovsky in honor of my children: Sarah, Joseph, Edward, and Rebecca. Cake
November 16, 2024 VAYERA Sean & Meredith Clifford in celebration of Jack Clifford's 11th birthday. Cake
November 23, 2024 CHAYEI SARA Louis Stone in loving memory of his father, Howard Stone, zl  
November 30, 2024 TOLDOT    
December 7, 2024 VAYETZEI    
December 14, 2024 VAYISHLACH    
December 21, 2024 VAYESHEV    
December 28, 2024 CHANUKAH    

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