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CTI offers a wide variety of adult learning opportunities, the following classes are currently on hold until after Labor Day:


Take Your Tanakh Series

We offer two different tracts, one on Tuesday evening at 7 PM and one on Wednesday morning at 8:15 AM.  The Take Your Tanakh in the PM tract is currently studying the Book of Ezekiel.  For more information click here.  The Take Your Tanackh in the AM tract is currently studying the Book of Samuel I.  For more information please click here.  Both tracts are currently being offered virtually.

Mishne Torah k'Seder

Come and join Rabbi Dan on Friday mornings at CTI for an in-depth exploration of the Rambam's Mishne Torah. This class will go through the Rambam's classic work of halakha in a way which both engages and transforms the reader on a spiritual and intellectual level. Why did the Rambam write the Mishne Torah? What was he trying to achieve? How does the Rambam's interpretation of Jewish law, theology, history, and culture differ from other great rabbis who also wrote comprehensive Jewish legal works? What were some of the great disputes this work sparked, and why? You don't want to miss out on this great opportunity to learn what the Mishne Torah is all about!

This class currently meets Friday mornings at 8:15 AM virtually.  Please click here for additional information and for information on how to join the virtual class.  For questions, contact, 512-410-0336 ex. 101.

Shiur During Seudah Shelishit

Every Saturday during seudah shelishit, a shiur is given, refer to the weekly bulletin for this week's speaker and topic.  

Thu, August 11 2022 14 Av 5782