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CTI Audio Siddur -- הנוסח והנגון

One of CTI’s goals is the make sure that every person who comes to pray with us feels comfortable and familiar with our prayer services. In an effort to meet this goal, Rabbi Dan has recorded the Kabbalat Shabbat, Friday evening and Shabbat morning services. This recording is customized to the way CTI worships, and the pagination is faithful to the ArtScroll siddur. A CD collection is also available free of charge to all CTI members!




Kabbalat Shabbat


Friday Night Maariv


Shabbat Morning Service


Mi Sheberach (Cholim, IDF, State of Israel)




Tunes From Our Shabbaton   With Dr.  Eckmann

During Dr. Eckmann's visit with us over Shabbat Parshat Toldot, November 8-9, 2018, he sang many beautiful tunes.  Two of them are below.

  • Dr. Eckmann shared this melody of Lecha Dodi composed by Ben Zion Shenker of the Modzitz Chassidim during Kabbalat Shabbat.  Here is an mp3 of it:
    Ben Zion Shenker Singing Lecha Dodi
  • Dr. Eckmann also introduced us to a Zemer he composed of Kah Ribon.  Here is an mp3 of this Zemer sung by Dr. Eckmann with his youngest son and three of his friends:
    Dr. Eckmann singing Kah Ribon


Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784