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Congregation Tiferet Israel is Austin’s Modern Orthodox synagogue, serving the entire Jewish community by warmly embracing all Jews, regardless of affiliation, commitment or background. As a Modern Orthodox synagogue, CTI synthesizes traditional Jewish values and observances with the noblest aspects of the secular world. CTI seeks to inspire its congregants to grow in love of Talmud-Torah, chesed, halakhic observance, Zionism and love for the State of Israel, as well as a love and concern for the dignity and welfare of the broader world, by meeting each and every individual and family “ba’asher hu sham,” from where they are currently in their spiritual journeys. 

In addition to our daily minyanim, and spirited Shabbat and Yom Tov services, CTI offers a wide variety of engaging youth programs and adult learning opportunities geared towards meeting the intellectual and spiritual needs of our diverse and growing community. Congregation Tiferet Israel is the ideal Jewish community for individuals and families seeking to connect with one another and forge lasting, meaningful relationships, while growing spiritually and intellectually in Jewish values, practice, faith and knowledge, as it says, “It is my siblings whom I seek” (Gen. 37:16).

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784