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Our Leadership


President: Joshua Rosenberg

Vice President: Sarah Wander

Secretary: Lynn Kane

Treasurer: Gary Gerstenhaber


Board Members:

Daniel Iken

Daniel Ledeen

Alana Pompa

Erik Rahimi

Beth Shapiro

J.E. Wolfson


Committee Chairs

For information about a given committee please contact the Chair of that committee. Contact details for non-Officers may be found in the Membership Directory.

Standing Committee Chairs:

Education Committee: Sarah Wander

Finance Committee: Gary Gerstenhaber

Membership Committee: Sarah Wander

Publicity Committee: Daniel Iken

Ritual Committee: Eric Shapiro

Ad Hoc Committee Chairs

Chesed:  Lynn Kane

Events: J.E. Wolfson & Alana Pompa

Fundraising: Beth Shapiro

Israel Action: Mitch & Patti Davis

Kiddush: Henna Tatham

Strategic Planning: Alana Pompa

Sat, May 28 2022 27 Iyyar 5782