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Gary  Rosenthal Chai Sulpture

May it be Your will HaShem, our God and God of our forefathers,
that You renew us for a good sweet year.

In recognition of celebrating our past 18 years, and with hopes raised high with anticipation for the best over the next set of Chai years, we have chosen a Gary Rosenthal Chai Sculpture for this year’s RHF gift. The beautiful laser-cut Chai sits atop a steel base and features a fused glass accent bead. It measures 6” x 3” x 2.75". The Chai is designed by the American artist Gary Rosenthal.  He is known worldwide for his Judaic metal and fused glass sculptures.

We hope this stunning sculpture will grace the beauty of our homes, bring us closer to Hashem and one another, and serve as an impetus for enhanced tzedakah and sharing the blessings God has bestowed upon us.  Please support the RHF at one of the levels listed below and consider purchasing one or more as a gift to personally give to someone who is not a CTI member.

  • Sponsorship – $225.  As a sponsor, your name will be included on a card accompanying the Gary Rosenthal Chai Sculpture sent to everyone listed as a member of Tiferet Israel.  Each recipient will receive only one sculpture.
  • Individual Orders – $36 each.  You can select to send the Gary Rosenthal Chai Sculpture  to individual members of Tiferet Israel.  A list of members is on the order form.  Please indicate whom you want to receive the sculpture.  Your name will be included on a card with the sculpture.  Each recipient will receive only one sculpture.
  • Additional Orders – $36 each.  As we recognize that many will want to send the Gary Rosenthal Chai Sculpture to friends and family beyond those on the membership list, we are providing the option of purchasing individual sculptures.  Gift cards are provided to allow for your personalization.
  • Contribution – A contribution to Tiferet Israel in support of the Rosh Hashana Fundraiser.

Non-members can also participate and be included as sponsors or sending to individual members or non-members.

Ordering Information

You can participate in this year's fundraiser by completing an order form.  To use the online order form and pay online by credit card, which is preferred, click here.  Alternatively, to use a hardcopy form and pay by check, please click here to download the form.  Please print and mail it with your check payable to Congregation Tiferet Israel.  Please mark RHF in the memo section and send it to:

Congregation Tiferet Israel
PO Box 27254
Austin, TX 78755-2254

To give us sufficient time to get the Gary Rosenthal Chai Sculpture to you before Rosh Hashanah, orders and payment must be received no later than Wednesday, August 18th.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debbie or Joel at or via phone at 512-502-8166.

Sat, September 25 2021 19 Tishrei 5782