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Yair Emanuel Dish

May it be Your will HaShem, our God and God of our forefathers,
that You renew us for a good sweet year.


For our annual Rosh Hashana Fundraiser this year, we are offering this stunning hand hammered stainless steel any occasion dish designed and crafted by the renowned Israeli artist Yair Emanuel. Reflecting the Rosh Hashana hope for us each to know abundant happiness and prosperity, its rim has a branch of detailed gold-toned pomegranates and leaves.   It measures approximately 6.5" by 5" by 1.5" high.

There are several options for your participation:

  • Sponsorship – $190.  As a sponsor, your name will be included on a card accompanying the Yair Emanuel Dish sent to everyone listed as a member of Tiferet Israel.  Each recipient will receive only one Yair Emanuel Dish.
  • Individual Orders – $36 each.  You can select to send the Yair Emanuel Dish to individual members of Tiferet Israel.  A list of members is on the order form.  Please indicate whom you want to receive the Bowl.  Your name will be included on a card with the Yair Emanuel Dish.  Each recipient will receive only one Yair Emanuel Dish.
  • Additional Orders – $36 each.  As we recognize that many will want to send the Yair Emanuel Dish to friends and family beyond those on the Membership List, we are providing the option of purchasing individual Yair Emanuel Dishes.
  • Contribution – A contribution to Tiferet Israel in support of the Rosh Hashana Fundraiser.

Ordering Information

You can participate in this year's fundraiser by completing an order form.  To use the online order form, which is preferred, click here.  You can pay by PayPal using the online form or separately send in a check.  If you prefer to mail in a hardcopy form and pay by check, please click here to download a form that you can print and mail, with your check payable to Congregation Tiferet Israel, to:

c/o Debbie Tendler
10405 Laurel Hill Cove
Austin, TX 78730

All forms, hardcopy or softcopy, must be received by Thursday, August 23rd.  The Yair Emanuel Dishes will be available for pickup starting at Selichot services on Saturday evening, September 1 and extending through the week before Rosh Hashana.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Debbie or Joel at or via phone at 512-502-8166.

Sun, January 20 2019 14 Shevat 5779